“Follow your dreams”. “Carpe diem”. “Live today as if it were your last”. We’ve all heard it before, right? But are any of us really doing that? It sounds great, but while it gets thrown around all the time is it really what we were encouraged to do growing up???

In dental school I was late to class EVERYday. Just ask my classmates. I always thought those last few hundreds in the pool were much more important than those first 5 minutes of class. Besides, it usually took at least 5 minutes for my professors to figure out how to use the projector anyway ;) Did I need to get my priorities straight or were they already straight? I think I knew in my first week of dental school that it wasn’t for me. But I was already buried in debt, borrowing $60k just for my first year. If I didn’t finish school, how was I ever going to pay that back? Plus, by continuing to go to dental school I was trying to do the “right” thing. But what is the “right” thing to do in life? Why was it that no matter how hard I tried to make dentistry be the right fit for me, there was something else pulling on my heart strings? My escape from school was through my training & racing and reading anything I could get my hands on about health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. It was my complete withdrawal, my way to hide from my reality. Is that any way to live? I know I’m not just speaking to myself here, right? We have created this world where we expect so much of ourselves. We want the big house, the fancy cars and the white picket fences, but when we have those things and we go to a job everyday that we hate just to pay for all of it, is it really worth it?

So here I am, ready to “follow my dreams”. I’m ready to stop talking about it and start doing something about it. While I might not be an MD the word Doctor does still precede my name. I believe that all forms of medicine, including dentistry, should start with good nutrition, fitness and overall physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, this is not the path that most are following and not the path that our doctors are setting before us. I have seen first-hand how poor health and nutrition can wreak havoc on the mouth, but we must remember that each part of the body is a part of a whole. If we can see poor health on the outside, imagine what it is doing to our insides. We must consider how poor health is affecting our entire body as ONE working unit. I have had a passion for sport, nutrition and health & wellness for 20+ years. As such, I feel it an obligation to spread the knowledge I have gained over the years with you. Fortunately, the more I dig for answers to our ailing states of health, the more I am seeing a huge shift and movement towards REAL nutrition and REAL medicine. And I’m not talking about the kind of medicine that “cures” or should I say “masks” symptoms and disease made by large pharmaceutical companies. I am so thankful to the many people out there blogging, writing books & sharing their knowledge through podcasts, even when it has meant for some, the potential loss of their medical licenses. I feel quite strongly about the movement towards a diet that centers around whole foods and a lifestyle that centers around physical and mental well-being that I too have decided to join the crusade in hopes of helping to spread this knowledge.

After years of feeling like I was being pulled in a different direction I have finally made the choice to leave my full-time job and follow my true passion and calling. While I don’t claim to know it all and will never claim to, I am starting this website as a place to share the things that I have learned with you. I hope that you will find my website as a source of inspiration, motivation, education, a place to share, learn, and a place to spark real conversations.

So I invite you to follow me on this journey. I will use my blog as a place to share with you my adventures through life, racing, and a place to share with you my path to a healthier lifestyle. To end, I will leave you with this quote from a book called “The Element” by Ken Robinson. I first discovered Ken by his famous Ted Talk. If you have not seen it, I will leave the link here. For those of you out there like me, who are trying to find your path in life, I think this is a great place to start.

“…the fact is that the average office worker probably does have more financial security than the average jazz trumpeter. But it is difficult to feel accomplished when you’re not accomplishing something that matters to you. Doing something “for your own good” is rarely for your own good if it causes you to be less than who you really are”.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you will be back soon!

Best of luck to you,

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